Napster’s new app to expand them into Hispanic music

Napster want to start making an impact in the Hispanic music industry and they’ve partnered with Univision to make it happen.

Napster, the re-branded streaming service that was once one of the most prolific illegal music sites, have announced a new partnership. They’re teaming up with Univision, an American Spanish-language media company, to enhance the Hispanic music industry.

Napster will be working with Univision’s newly re-designed Uforia app to power the music streaming service as part of their Powered by Napster initiative. The app offers live streams of 58 local radio stations under Univision and now offers hundreds of playlists from Napster’s giant music library.

Univision Radio’s president, Jesus Lara, praised their platform, saying: “Univision has been a pioneer in Latin music.” They are directing Uforia directly at a Hispanic audience with unique tailoring, saying: “The Hispanic marketplace is a complex one.”

They want to provide a specific experience rather than a broad one. Napster’s CEO, Bill Patrizio agrees that catering to that niche is important and compared Uforia to traditional services like Spotify and Apple Music, saying: “They are poorly served by today’s mainstream music services.”

Napster’s focus has shifted more towards this style of B2B services, providing music to third parties like iHeartRadio. Whilst they run a streaming service they have looked to expand into alternative areas thanks to the mounting success of services like Spotify and Apple Music. Despite this, Patrizio says they are still focusing on their own brand, adding: “We will not become some nameless, faceless white label provider that no one has ever heard of.”

The Uforia app, with Napster music powering it is available
now on both iOS and Android. They promise that podcasts will also come to the app soon as well as more integration with Napster. Jesus Lara said: “It’s really the beginning of a journey.”

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