Napster4Good lets Napster Premier subscribers choose a charity to donate to when signing up. Contributions come from Napster, not the subscriber or artists.

When signing up, new subscribers simply choose a charity from thousands of 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, and Napster will donate a portion of their profit from your monthly subscription payments. Subscription cost to the customer stays the same at $9.99/month and payment to artists will be unaffected.

This new program underscores Napster’s commitment to supporting artists and our community of listeners. During these challenging times, we want to offer new subscribers the opportunity to join millions of Napster fans who love the purity of the original and best music streaming app, and offer a donation to a charity of their choice to make the world just a little bit better.

Bill Patrizio, President and CEO, Napster

This is currently limited to US subscribers only. Get access to millions of ad-free music, with offline listening. Click here to sign up with 30-days free.