MusicDNA for Android is “a Music Player like no other” with SoundCloud integration

MusicDNA is a full featured music player that combines a fully fledged music player with amazing visualisations or “DNAs” generated based on the music you play.

MusicDNA is a player that bases its functionality around the music you play so you can easily find the music you want thanks to it’s intelligent design. The player lets you easily sort through local music, recently played, playlists and once you’ve started playing some music you can browse through your ‘Saved DNA’ music to experience the app’s beautiful music visualisations.

MusicDNA doesn’t just work with the music saved on your phone as it allows you connect to SoundCloud to stream music from their platform, and create amazing DNA patterns for your favourite tracks on SoundCloud. The SoundCloud integration is so simple you don’t even need to leave the app, simply use the app’s search function and find whatever you want to listen to from SoundCloud within the app.

MusicDNA dna app Android music player application equaliser stream soundcloud

The music player features a fantastic equaliser that allows you to tweak it’s output to the perfect sound you’re after and comes included with BassBoost and Reverb. The visualisations are a nice feature but not unique to the player, however with SoundCloud music built into the app through an internet connection the player introduces a gorgeous new way to stream the millions of track SoundCloud has to offer with all of your locally saved music included.

MusicDNA’s features include: 

  • Play local songs or stream from SoundCloud
  • A clean, ad free music player
  • Powerful equaliser
  • Ability to store and share DNAs

You can download MusicDNA for FREE from the Google Play Store.

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    I really like to install your Android MusicDNA App on my phone but I can’t find it on the Google Play Store. How can I install it on an other way?

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