have integrated Apple Music’s 40m full tracks into their app have revealed a partnership with Apple that will see their music streaming service stream full songs into the “music social network”., the massively popular app that lets it’s users create their own music videos from song snippets, are bringing Apple’s quickly growing music streaming service to their mobile app. Apple Music’s integration will bring around 40 million full tracks to

The partnership will allow for full tracks to be played in the app for the first as opposed to just snippets, however this privilege requires a paid Apple Music subscription. This is great for existing Apple Music users, and may be enough to sway those on the fence about a subscription but unfortunately if you’re streaming needs are met elsewhere then the partnership doesn’t mean much. users, or “musers”, are able to save all of their favourite songs to their own custom playlist for easy access whenever they want to their top songs. As well, have created their own curated playlists of music which you can check out on Apple Music.

When the news first leaked it was thought that Apple Music might replace 7digital as the primary music provider for the app. It has since been confirmed however that Apple Music’s partnership will simply be an addition rather than a replacement, with 7digital remaining their primary music provider.

7digital CEO, Simon Cole responded to the rumours saying: “7digital has just signed a renewal agreement with which will see us not only continue to power the service, but to do so in double the number of territories – we now work with in 60 countries worldwide. is one of the world’s fastest growing social video networks and as such, the company works with a number of suppliers and 7digital will continue to be one of them – we have in no way ended our working relationship.”

It seems that the Apple Music partnership is mostly promotional for both service, however the introduction of full songs to the app should please some – at least those who pay $9.99 a month to Apple!

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