Mobile uploads to SoundCloud are available on iOS and Android at last

Great news for creators on the go who can’t wait for their music to go up as mobile uploads are now on the SoundCloud Android app.

Creators on SoundCloud can celebrate even more options for getting their music out there on their profiles no matter where they are and what they’re doing. SoundCloud creators can now upload tracks to their profile from the mobile app on Android as well as iOS.

Uploads from the mobile app launched on SoundCloud iOS earlier this year and now Android users can too. So whether you’ve recorded something straight onto your mobile which you want to share, or you’ve got the file so you can upload it whilst away from your computer – you can share your tracks no matter what.

How to upload tracks from your phone

  • Within the SoundCloud app, tap the upward-pointing arrow on the top right of your home screen.
  • Select any audio file from your phone (upload lossless HD files like FLAC, WAV, ALAC or AIFF for best audio quality).
  • Ensure your metadata is correct or add artwork, a new title, genre(s) and description on the spot, and select whether you want your track public or private.
  • Tap save (top right).
  • Head to your profile to see your newly uploaded track. 🎉
  • And then send to Instagram Stories, text your friends your private link, pitch to press – all from the palm of your hand.

More ways to take your workflow on the go

Uploading to SoundCloud from your phone is the latest mobile workflow capability that makes it easier to create and share, anytime, anywhere. With track, Spotlight and profile editing also part of your mobile toolkit, you can make a track private, feature your best work, update your bio –  and own every step of your career wherever you go.

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