Microsoft’s Groove Music Integrates With iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio integrated with Microsoft Groove today, providing Groove users with thousands of live and custom radio stations.

Groove is Microsoft’s streaming service, re-branded from Xbox Music earlier this year it has been improving upon itself ever since. Today it was announced that iHeartRadio would be integrating with Groove to be made available from within the Groove music app.

iHeartRadio provides a radio network of 800 local stations across the US as well as many more stations, some from outside the US. It also provides a music recommendation system and the ability to create your own custom stations from a selection of 20 million songs and 800,000 artists.

In Microsoft’s press release Todd Brix, general manager of the Windows Store and developer marketing for Microsoft, said: “We are thrilled to bring iHeartRadio to Groove and create a complete, end to end music experience for Windows 10 consumers. Groove delivers one place to access your music, your radio stations and your premium subscription music.”

iHeartRadio is not only Grooves first outside party integration but is also in an exclusive contract, so don’t expect to see iHeartRadio on any other services soon. This is just the start of expansions for Groove with Microsoft planning more integrations to come, though there’s no word of what or when.

iHeartRadio can be accessed without a Groove Music Pass using the Groove app on Windows 10, you just need to visit the artists page and if a radio station for that artist is available it will be shown on their page. You will need to install the iHeartRadio app before you can use the service though.

A Groove Music Pass costs $9.99 for a month of $99 a year and gives you access to over 38 million tracks. You can subscribe or try a free month trial of Groove from here.

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