Watch out Spotify, Amazon Prime Music is hot on your tail for popularity

Who is the big dog in music streaming right now? You’d all say Spotify right? Well look out because Amazon Prime Music is coming up on them quickly.

New research from Midia Research, and noticed by Music Ally, shows that in Germany there may be a new chapter approaching for the streaming wars. The report, which focused on lyrics but found much more, shows that Amazon are incredibly close behind Spotify, and ahead of the rest.

The research shows that Amazon Prime Music had an 18% penetration rate in Germany, just a percentage behind Spotify with 19%. Apple Music, often considered the primary rival to Spotify monopolising on streaming, are much further behind with just 7% penetration.

Elsewhere Spotify are still the big fish by a larger margin and Apple Music are ahead of Amazon. For example in the US Apple Music has 14% penetration to Amazon’s 12% and in the UK Apple have 9% and Amazon have 8%. For an idea of how big Spotify are their influence is 20% in the US and 23% in the UK.

Considering Spotify’s considerable lead everywhere else it’s interesting to note that Amazon Prime is so close in Germany. Unfortunately as this finding was only part of the larger report Midia Research didn’t look into why Prime Music was having such an impact in Germany or any cultural impact. Though the report does go on to say that “Germany is going to be one of Europe’s most important streaming markets in 2018, with a market dominated by CD sales swiftly transitioning to streaming”.

Taking a larger look at the streaming picture for the US, UK, and Germany they found that 15% of listeners pay for subscriptions whilst 43% are listening on ad-supported free streaming.

On the topic of the importance lyrics, Midia Research concluded:

“Streaming has broken music listening out of the constraints of static, linear environments and, in doing so, has massively increased the importance of previously ancillary behaviours such as video, social sharing and lyrics. In the analogue era, lyrics were hidden away inside album covers with liner notes for super fans and anxious teenagers.

Most streaming services have ticked the lyrics box; over the coming years they will need to innovate to ensure their feature sets place the same level of importance on lyrics that their users do.”

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