Kygo Teams Up With Shazam For His Debut Album Launch

Kygo has had a brilliant few years since breaking out and becoming one of the most recognised new EDM talents. With his debut release out soon he’s partnered with Shazam to give an inside look into the making of it.

Norwegian producer Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, who you probably know as Kygo, is fast approaching the release of his debut album ‘Cloud Nine’ on 13th May. After a bunch of hit singles, including 4 number 1’s in his home country, the 24 year old star is using Shazam‘s song recognition and artist feed to promote his hotly anticipated first album.

Kygo spoke briefly on the decision to use Shazam as a promotional tool, saying: “I am so excited to be working with Shazam on my debut studio album, Cloud Nine. Shazam is becoming a great way for artists to connect with their very first fans.”

Using his Shazam Verified Artist profile Kygo will highlight the artists featured on his album by shazaming their tracks onto his feed. Follow his feed on Shazam to get an exclusive look into all the talented artists that show up on Kygo’s upcoming album.

His feed reveals big names including John Legend, Foxes, Jason Derulo, Will Heard, and more. There are some unlikely features as well, suggesting an experimental range on the album, such as folk/pop couple Angus & Julia Stone and singer/songwriter Tom Odell.

Chief revenue officer at Shazam, Greg Glenday said: “Kygo is an artist who understands that Shazam is becoming an industry standard in launching a new album.”

Shazam have been trying to break into music releases for a while now; earlier this year they began experimenting with QR codes using visual shazamming to gain an exclusive preview of tracks.

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