iTunes Look For An Editorial Producer In Preparation For Its Redesign


Recent reports show Apple are gearing up for a total redesign of its iTunes streaming service, powered by Beats Music. Last week came news that Zane Lowe was joining the team for an unspecified role, a new job post from Apple has been spotted looking for an ‘Editorial Producer’ in London.

Job Summary:
iTunes is looking for an editorial producer with experience across pop culture and a specific expertise in music journalism. This full-time position is split between editorial and producing duties. The editorial duties focus on writing, editing, managing a sea of freelancers, and working collaboratively with business and content heads to shape and define editorially driven merchandising promotions. As far as producing, this role will also focus on special projects and promotions, making sure all parties understand the timelines and deliverables associated with getting these pages live, and making sure we execute flawlessly and on time.

Currently iTunes editorial process revolves around placing new, popular and trending music in the top banner and around the homepage of the store. According to the ad, it seems journalism will be incorporated into this area soon.

iTunes have likely been keeping an eye on its competitors, looking for ways to compete with the current streaming giants Spotify. Spotify have its own area for editorial with its ‘Landmark’ feature. Spotify Landmark tells the story behind the classic albums from ‘Tears For Fears’, ‘Led Zeppelin’, ‘Nas’, ‘Nirvana’, and more to come, with exclusive interviews and behind the scenes. WiMP are also in this area with features, reviews and interviews as well as curated playlists.

Will iTunes become the new go to place for the latest news in popular music? It will be interesting to see how this develops in the coming months. Expect Apple to go public on all the changes come June with its WWDC event.

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