iTunes Browser Previews – Now more link friendly

new itunes websiteEver clicked on an iTunes link and sworn under your breath as you wait for iTunes to open and demand that you download the latest version of the software before you’re allowed to hear the sample you were after? Well that doesn’t need to happen any more. The iTunes store has now become a lot more browser friendly, allowing you to view content using a normal web browser, rather than taking you to the shop page in their proprietary software. Content can be browsed by genre and artist, but is not yet searchable [EDIT – and you still have to open itunes to hear samples – very silly…]. A much quicker way of getting people to know about the music you’ve distributed through RouteNote.

You could always use our iTunes link maker, if you’re not unhappy with the old method… Just put your name in the search title and follow the steps through to get some HTML code that’s embeddable in your facebook, myspace or website.

Perks of Spotify Premium now include separate shuffle and play buttons

How to shuffle on Spotify Premium is changing as users finally get separate play and shuffle buttons on the Spotify app.

How to put a sleep timer on Spotify

Can you put a sleep timer on Spotify, to listen to music while sleeping? Yes, and it’s easy – here’s how to set it up.

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