Instagram’s TikTok competitor ‘Reels’ launching globally soon

As TikTok continues to face scrutiny around the world, Facebook have well-timed their supposed global launch of Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels is Facebook’s answer to TikTok. Available via a new icon in Instagram, supporting 15-second short-form video clips, set to music and shared on Stories. Top Reels on Instagram allows users to explore popular videos.

Testing for Reels began in Brazil last year on iOS and Android, expanding to France and Germany in June and India earlier this month, after TikTok’s ban went into action. Reports from NBC News claim a global launch including 50 countries such as US, UK, Japan and Mexico is imminent, coming in a ‘matter of weeks’.

This is a well-timed move from Facebook as TikTok is banned from India and unstable in the US, with Government officials looking into the legality of security on the Chinese-based app.

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