iHeartRadio is introducing a bunch of new podcasts and extending their analytics tools for podcast insights through a partnership with ART19.

Podcast publishers ART19 are teaming up with internet radio service iHeartRadio to bring more content and advanced insights into podcast performances. The partnership will provide deeper analysis such as start, stop, and skip times as well as listeners responses to specific ads.

With better insights both companies hope they can help their podcasters to improve monetisation of content thanks to detailed data that they can provide to advertisers rather than just download numbers. With advanced listener habits podcasters can also decide what does and doesn’t work for their content much easier.

iHeartRadio’s senior vice president of podcasting, Chris Peterson, added that measuring options for ads was one of the biggest gaps in podcasting currently, saying: “With iHeartRadio’s extensive pool of listener data and ART19’s distribution technology, we will be the first platform to provide podcasters with detailed analytics. Together we’re excited to implement a new robust ad-tech solution that is sure to drive the growth of the podcast industry.”

The data will help increase revenue for both companies but also podcasters who can use their analytics as promotion and for targeted ads that appeal to their specific audiences. In addition with one-of-a-kind analysis for podcasters the new data will entice new customers who can’t get the levels of insight anywhere else. With the recent launch of 2 new premium platforms for iHeartRadio this deal also strengthens their platform as they build themselves up in the rocky world of music streaming services.

ART19 co-founder and CEO, Sean Carr said: “60 million people are listening to podcasts in America now. It’s a huge market and a wildly effective advertising medium. By offering better data to the podcasting industry, monetization will catch up with audience scale, and that will be good for everyone. A rising tide lifts all boats.”

One of ART19’s biggest Podcast clients, Wondery CEO Hernan Lopez said: “This is a big step for the podcasting industry. Together, iHeartRadio’s massive reach and ART19’s unique technology are going to give us a wealth of new data.”