Hype Machine on Sonos is changing, SoundCloud Go subscription now required

Popular music blog aggregator Hype Machine have had to make some changes that will affect how it works on Sonos due to SoundCloud’s new subscription service.

SoundCloud are the music engine that keeps the Hype Machine running, but unfortunately that means some changes to their access. Streaming Hype Machine on Sonos speaker systems will soon require a subscription to SoundCloud Go. In an email statement, Hype Machine said: “We realise this isn’t ideal, anything that requires you to change the way you enjoy your music on Sonos makes us sad.”

SoundCloud Go is the first ever subscription offered by the massive, creator-led music streaming platform. Go offers ad-free listening, offline saved music, and an extended catalog of music for $9.99 a month. From June 13th  a subscription to SoundCloud Go will be required to stream Hype Machine to Sonos.

Fortunately a subscription SoundCloud Go isn’t required universally to listen to Hype Machine, and only affects Sonos streaming at the moment.

If you want to sign up for a SoundCloud Go subscription it’s available in the US, UK, Ireland, and France. Head here: soundcloud.com/go.

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