Getting verified on Facebook lets everyone know you’re the real deal and that your content is official with a little blue tick on your page.

Verifying your social media page is a must for artists, producers, rappers, musicians, and anyone with a following beyond music as well. A verified page means you get the special blue tick that lets everyone know your page is official.

When you’re posting music updates, tour dates, fresh announcements about your music, and just sharing and connecting with your fans it helps to know that they’re dealing with the real profile of the artist they love.

There are some things you need to make sure of to qualify for verification on your Facebook page. Check them out in our video below to ensure that you meet the criteria for Facebook verification.

What you need to be aware of for Facebook verification:

  • Your profile must represent a real person, business, or entity
  • The page must be active, have an about section, and at least one post
  • You can only verify one page per person/business

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