How to sell your music on iTunes for free and make money

iTunes is the largest digital music store in the world with millions of music being sold around the world. With RouteNote you can sell your music on iTunes and loads of other stores and streamers like Spotify, Google, Tidal and more, and it’s completely free to upload!

Why you should choose RouteNote:

  • It’s Free! – With RouteNote you can distribute you music to our many partners with no upfront costs. You keep 85% of all the royalties with no hidden costs, it’s that straightforward.
  • Premium Offering – At RouteNote we want you to be in control and choose what works for you. That’s why we offer a separate premium model (see below) with which you keep 100% of royalties. You can easily switch between free and Premium anytime.
  • Store Partners – RouteNote works with the biggest stores and music streaming services. Send your music worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Google Play Music, Deezer and many more!
  • SoundCloud Network – Do you have your music on SoundCloud? Join our Network for free to make money on your tracks and free features like track visuals, featured profiles and Pro-Unlimited accounts. Find out more here.
  • Global – No matter where you are in the world we can distribute your music.
  • Free ISRCs and UPC/EANs – When you create a new release we’ll create an ISRC and UPC/EAN code for physical and digital release free, worldwide.
  • Referrals – If you refer someone to sign up to RouteNote you can receive 2% of their earnings. That 2% comes out of RouteNote’s 15% cut and doesn’t affect the other artists royalties in any way.

How do I get my music onto iTunes and other stores?

  1. Head to and create an account – it’s quick, easy and best of all – FREE.
  2. Click “Create New Release” and enter the details for your single, EP or album and which stores you want to put them on. (If you already have a UPC and ISRC code for your release you can copy this over and you’ll keep information such as Spotify statistics.)
  3. Once you’ve uploaded your music and sent your release for moderation you will have to make sure that you’ve removed your release(s) from sale from your previous distributor.
  4. Once you’ve uploaded your release(s) to RouteNote you will be moderated and up on stores in no time!

If you have any questions or issues you can send us an email at or you can hit us up for a chat about what we do on Facebook.
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    So if the cuts are 85/15 and one song is sold at a rate of $1.29 so it’s approximately 20 cents if rounded up on your income and the rest is for the artist and there’s no hidden fees like TuneCore? If my prediction is correct plz reach out to me with more details on the exact percentages/income/royalties for specific prices on music and such
    Plz and thank you.

    Hi Johnny, yes the maths work out here. However it’s worth bearing in mind that the store itself will take a cut, so if it is sold for $1.29 not all of that will be sent back to us. But 85% of all of the revenue sent back from the stores after sale will be yours.

    I have some 40 CD containing special Christian music that I have recorded myself and that I wish to start selling to the public. I wish to start off with 3 CD x 7 tracks under 30 minutes in total length in MP 3 format immediately being 40 x 7 = 280 tunes of music. I also have 4 CD virtually ready with Christmas Music on it. All music has electronic A4 size booklet in English and in Afrikaans. I have compiled a 13 page introductary document that explains everything in PowerPoint format together with some sample music. Do you need a copy of that document. I need to know who am I doing business with. How much will you service cost and what will you undertake to do for me for charging this fee. How fast can things begin to happen. What else do you require from me

    Hi Douglas, you can sign up for free at and start uploading your music. We offer 2 distribution methods which allow you to upload as much music as you like for free and you keep 85% of the earnings. Then there is our Premium service which allows you to pay a small upfront cost for each release and keep 100% of any earnings you make on them.
    You can find out more about our services and pricing here:

    Hi there – for iTunes distribution, iTunes require that all tracks are ‘Mastered for iTunes’. Does this have to be done before the tracks are sent to you? Thanks.

    Hi CJ, as long as your music of a professional quality it should be fine. As in there isn’t background noise, static, and so on.

    if i upload my music unto stores, how do i get my incomes into my local bank
    because am located in uganda.

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