How to Post from Your iOS Device or Mac to Apple Music Connect

How To
  1. Start by selecting New Post in the Connect tab of Apple Music.
  2. Choose the profile you want to post to. For band members, you can either post as the band, or as yourself.
  3. Add a message—as text or include a link—that you want to share with all of your followers and any fans who visit your artist profile in Apple Music.
  4. To add content like music, photos, or videos, select the plus button.
  5. On your iOS device, find videos and photos in your photo library and songs in your music library or record Soundbites directly from your microphone. On your Mac, you can upload content from anywhere on your computer.
  6. For audio and video, add a title. You can also include a text description, a cover image, and, for songs, a song type. Keep in mind that the title you give your content is how users will be able to search for it, so be descriptive.
  7. You can also attach your audio or video content to an album by selecting Attach to Album at the bottom of the post screen and then selecting the album.
  8. Finally, select Post to share with your fans.

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