How to move from Repost Network to RouteNote

If you’re looking to leave Repost whether it’s to save money, for the stores exclusive to RouteNote, or any other reason – we’ll walk you through how to move here.

Repost Network and SoundCloud offer music distribution through their Repost service. For $30 a year artists can distribute their music to a bunch of the major services, or artist who subscribe to a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited membership get free access to it. Artists keep 80% of their revenue after the upfront costs.

At RouteNote we offer free distribution to all the major streaming services, music stores, and social platforms around the world. Artists keep 85% of the profits when they distribute for free, more than with Repost after paying an upfront cost. We also offer Premium distribution for a small upfront cost that allows artists and labels to keep 100% of the profits their music makes.

SoundCloud Repost are partnered with some stores that RouteNote aren’t, like Alibaba, Audiomack, Mixcloud, and Tesla. RouteNote also offer many more options that aren’t on Repost, like Kanjian delivering to tens of China’s best streaming services, YG Entertainment’s Vibe, Japanese AWA, South Korean Bugs!, Danish Nuuday and other international music hotspots.

How to switch to RouteNote from Repost?

If you’ve signed up to Repost then you have paid for 12 months of distribution. You will need to get in touch with SoundCloud’s help centre to arrange removing your music before your 12 months are up if you wish to leave.

You will need to ensure your music is taken down from Repost before you can upload the same tracks to RouteNote. However, you can upload music that isn’t currently live on Repost by the same artist if other releases are still live elsewhere – you simply can’t upload an already live release until it’s taken down.

It’s as simple as creating a free account at, hitting Create New Release, and then adding in the details of your music and uploading your tracks. Choose whether you want to distribute or for free or pay for Premium and then we’ll check over your tracks and get them live once we’ve ensured they’re all good.

For a full upload guide walking you through how to upload to RouteNote, check out our video here:

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