How to make money on YouTube and Facebook every time your music is played

Protect your music from content thieves and ensure you make money every time it’s used on YouTube and Facebook for free with Content ID on RouteNote.

Upload your music to Content ID for free on RouteNote and we’ll help you make money whenever your music is used on Facebook and YouTube so that you’re reaping the rewards as your music spreads.

What is Content ID?

Content ID is a system that platforms like YouTube and Facebook use to automatically scan through the content that is uploaded to them. They add content to their library and then they can easily identify any use of it so that copyright owners and original creators protect their content from theft and can earn money from uses of their content.

Add your music to Content ID and many more services for free on RouteNote and start earning money from your music online.

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What do YouTube pay per view / stream?

What does YouTube pay its creators for their videos and how much do artists earn from their music?

What royalties do music platforms collect?

We explore the different kinds of royalties artists can collect across music platforms and services.


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