Spotify for Artists lets you easily see all of your music and track its performance. Here’s how to see all of your music and what it’s doing.

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We’re going to talk about the Music section here.

This displays your catalog of songs and releases and helps you keep track of how your latest releases are performing on Spotify, understand which songs are connecting the most with listeners, and learn about how people are discovering and listening to your songs, including what playlists they have been added to. This section also enables you to view and compare total streams between your releases.

For each of your songs on Spotify, you can see a Timeline of total streams, a Source of Streams chart that shows [how listeners] discover and play your music, top countriestop cities, and a chart that enables you to compare performance of the song in different countries. All of this information helps you to stay on top of how your latest single is performing and compare performance of tracks.

In the Music section there is a Playlists tab that displays which public playlists on Spotify you have been added to and how many times your music has been streamed from those playlists. Listeners on Spotify have created millions of their own playlists. These are a great way to understand your fans. They help you get a sense of how your music resonates and how your reach has grown. They can influence other types of playlists too. When fans save music to their playlists, it’s an indicator of the type of music they like, which we use to generate recommendations.

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