How to Get My Music on Pandora

Pandora is a music service based in the USA which introduces listeners to music they’ve never heard before is one of our central missions, and we welcome independent artists from all backgrounds and levels of visibility, working in all styles, to submit their music for possible inclusion in Pandora’s Music Genome Project.

Every song selected is manually analyzed by a trained musician along up to 400 distinct musical attributes, a process that can take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours per song. Pandora submissions are open to artists from all over the world, but at the moment they only operate in the USA, and royalties from streaming music is only paid to USA artists.

The Basics: How to Submit

To submit music to Pandora, you’ll need these items:

1) a CD of your music

2) a unique UPC code for that CD*

3) this CD to be available through Amazon as a physical CD (and not just as MP3s)**

4) the legal rights to your music

5) a standard free Pandora account, based on a valid email address, that will be associated with this submission

6) MP3 files for two of the songs from your CD

Once you have all of these items ready to go, you can submit your music to Pandora for consideration here:

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