How to create a free personal link

Fan Links were built to provide artists, creators and others to share multiple links with their fans via one free landing page.

Fan Links from house all of your different social media profiles or streaming service links on one minimalistic, fully customisable page. Not only are Fan Links super easy to create, they’re also free for RouteNote and non-RouteNote customers alike.

Step One

Head to and log in. Click Create New CampaignFan Link.

Step Two

If you are linking to stores/streaming services, paste one of the links here.

Step Three

PUSH will automatically gather all of the information it can from the link you gave. You can alter the text, image and URL here.

Step Four

Easily add, remove and order the stores/streaming services/social pages. Can’t find the right platform from the list we provide? No problem, just add a custom service and upload the logo yourself.

Step Five

Give you campaign a memorable name so you can find it later in your dashboard.

Step Six

Test it out and get sharing your new Fan Link on socials.

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