You can easily switch to RouteNote from any other distributor and keep all the same stream numbers and playlist entries across platforms.

Like RouteNote, Amuse offer free music distribution, however many basic tools RouteNote offer for free are hidden behind a Pro subscription at Amuse such as many stores, social media monetization and fast lane support.

When coming from another distributor, the first thing you’ll want to do is ensure you’ve got a copy of all the original audio files and metadata. You’ll be able to view and download all of this data from your previous distributor. In particular, keep a note of your track names, artist names, original release date, ISRCs and UPCs. Once you’ve got all the relevant data, close your account with your previous distributor.

Before re-uploading your releases to RouteNote, ensure you allow enough time for the releases to be completely removed from all stores to avoid any duplicates. This usually takes around a week.

Upload your release to RouteNote. Enter all metadata exactly as it was previously. RouteNote provides all users with free UPCs and ISRCs, however if you’re moving from another distributor, be sure to use the same UPCs and ISRCs so your release holds the same number of streams, stays in the same playlists and lands on the correct artist store.

We aim to get your release moderated in about 72 hours (but this can extend in busy periods) and up on to stores and streaming services within days. Head to RouteNote today to get started.