Holiday ideas for musical Instagram Reels

With the holiday season here, Instagram have some ideas for how you can celebrate with your followers using music stickers and Reels.

The end of the year is nearly here and the festive season has begun. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate with your fans then Facebook and Instagram have a bunch of ideas for you to create a unique holiday message.

With a bunch of new music stickers bringing your Reels videos and Stories to life, you can get in the spirit with a unique share.

Happy Holidays
Post your favourite holiday song, or ask fans to post theirs to you using the music Q&A Sticker.

If you had to choose one song to listen to all 2021 long, which would it be? Share the music sticker using #2021long

End Of Year Awards
Post a series of ‘Year End Awards’ to your story and use the Music Q&A Sticker to ask fans what their top releases were.

Year In Review
Recap your year of releases by posting a series of photos to mark each release and add Music Stickers.

Create a “musical calendar” for 2020 by using a different music sticker to represent how you felt each month.

2020 top tracks 
Post your tops songs of the year from the year-end stats from streaming services over 9 days.

Reels Repost Campaign
Create a Reel with your priority song from Audio Library and encourage your fans to do the same. Repost your favourites.

Share + Tag Questions
What track do you want to wake up to on Christmas Morning? What song do you choose to leave 2020 with? Add hashtag questions and your song picks.

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