High-Resolution Streaming Comes To Sonos Via Qobuz

Image credit: Sonos

Streaming service Qobuz will be the first to stream 24-bit audio to Sonos speakers.

After a long wait Sonos has extended its high-resolution audio support to streaming music services, starting with Qobuz

The high-resolution Qobuz integration will be available in the Sonos S2 app and will be available across the US, UK, and most of Europe. High-resolution audio was enabled with Sonos last fall but was only available via FLAC or ALAC files from a local music library or NAS drive, not from streaming services. 

Qobuz USA Managing Director Dan Mackta said in a statement: “Qobuz has always strived to make the highest quality audio accessible, as people become more interested in better sound.” Adding, “Now, on Sonos devices, we’re making it easy for millions of more people to experience the improvement hi-res audio can make.”

The streaming service offers unlimited 24-bit music streaming with sampling rates up to 192kHz starting at $15 a month or $150 if paid annually. 

Sonos also supports other music services with high-resolution audio tiers, such as Amazon Music HD and Tidal. However, both only stream at 16-bit CD quality. In addition to this Deezer has a 16-bit audio quality and Spotify will soon join with its high-quality streaming plan that was announced recently. 

Other services that are available on the Sonos app such as Apple Music, Pandora, and YouTube Music have yet to offer high-resolution or CD-quality music tiers, but they will likely at some point in the future. 

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