Head of YouTube Music says it will merge YouTube Red and Google Play Music into one

YouTube’s man for music, Lyor Cohen, has revealed that they are combining their music streaming service and YouTube’s subscription offering.

Lyor Cohen has spoken on some interesting new plans that have been rumoured for a while now. The merger of both YouTube’s subscription offering, YouTube Red, with Google Play Music – Google’s dedicated music streaming service. Now the head of music at YouTube, Cohen, has confirmed the plans.

Whilst it is unlikely that the services themselves would merge together into one app/website the change would make them both available on the same subscription. Cohen said: “The important thing is combining YouTube Red and Google Play Music, and having one offering.”

YouTube currently has a few different offerings which seem to have confused users, prompting a more aligned offering. YouTube Music is currently an app free for anyone that is dedicated just to music on YouTube. YouTube Red however is paid and takes away ads on videos , lets you watch videos offline, and, most importantly for music lovers, listen to videos with the screen locked.

Google combined the two teams earlier this year, assumably with these plans in mind, so it should be an easy transition. Whilst you currently get either service for free with the other this move will combine the two services into one. Hopefully this also signifies the expansion of YouTube Red which, whilst it has been available for over a year in the US, YouTube Red is still only available in 5 countries. Google Play Music on the other hand has launched in 64 countries.

We just want YouTube Red in the UK already!

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