Google Play Music comes to Apple Carplay, a surprising unity

Apple and Google have put their mobile rivalry aside as Apple’s vehicle interface is now compatible with Google’s music streaming service.

Google Play Music subscribers can now access their music libraries and the rest of the on-demand music streaming service through Apple CarPlay. It’s a surprising move from Apple, who have been famously at odds with Google who develop Android – the primary mobile OS competing with Apple’s iPhones.

Apple CarPlay uses iPhone OS to connect to certain car’s interfaces which can be used for maps, messages, music, audiobooks and certain other limited apps. Google Play Music is the first app from the internet giant to be implemented into CarPlay, however competing music services like Pandora, Slacker and Spotify are available next to Apple’s own Apple Music through the interface.

To connect Google Play Music to Apple CarPlay users must first update to the latest iPhone app and then connect to a car through Wi-Fi or a Lightning cable. Despite Google having their own Android Auto car software, Play Music’s implementation into CarPlay might persuade some to go with Apple.

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