Get your year in music on Spotify Wrapped 2019

Spotify Wrapped is back to take a look at your personal year in music and as 2020 approaches they’re revisiting a whole decade of music streaming.

Spotify listeners are having their tastes wrapped up as the year comes to a close. Wrapped is back to look at the music people have been loving and present Spotify users with the artists and songs that have made their year in music.

This year’s Wrapped is a special affair. As we approach the close of a decade Spotify have decided to look back at listeners’ last 10 years in music, as well as 2019 in particular. This is going to be a particularly fun journey for people who have been listening to Spotify for years.

Wrapped 2019 provides a nostalgia trip back through forgotten music, presenting all of your favourites from each year. It’s a great chance to rediscover music you love but may have forgotten about throughout the last decade, with all of the incredible music that has taken their places each year.

There are some new features for Wrapped this year to give an even bigger picture as to how varied user’s listening has been. A global map will let you explore where around the world the artists’ you have been listening to have come from.

If you’re a paying Spotify subscriber then you’ll have even more to explore. Premium users will have access to more personalised data stories and insights that breaks down their year in listening. For example, they can check out how many artists they have discovered this year.

For the first year ever their is a Wrapped specifically for podcast lovers to sum up their year in podcast listening. Podcast creators themselves can get a 2019 Wrapped summary that gives them an insight into their listeners and performance for the year.

Additionally 2019 Artist Wrapped experiences for artists and their teams will show a great summary of their listeners and how their music has performed in 2019. With a personal share card, artists can share their Artist Wrapped findings with all of their fans on social media including total streams, hours, listeners, and countries for the year.

“As we reach the end of the decade, we’re excited to give our users—listeners, artists, and podcasters—a look back on the past ten years in music and culture. So open up your Spotify app or head to to see how you’ve been at the center of it all.”

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