Get your music on Instagram’s new TikTok style videos for free

Instagram are taking after TikTok for their latest feature to combine short videos with music, and RouteNote brings your music to both for free.

This week Instagram announced Reels, a new feature for 15 second long videos set to music. The feature has launched in Brazil and lets users upload these short-form music videos to their Stories and with a Top Reels highlight section they have the potential to go viral.

Creators get to browse Instagram’s music library to select the song they want and then record their video clips to it. They’re hoping to take TikTok‘s formula to create super shareable and popular content like lip syncing videos and short dance clips.

RouteNote offers artists free distribution to both TikTok and Instagram so that your tracks can be the soundtrack to videos going viral around the world.

To add your music to Instagram select Facebook from the stores and to distribute to TikTok select TikTok and any other stores you want to take your music to when you create your release.

Head to to sign up now and get your music on the biggest social media crazes around the world.

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