Get the whole family listening to music with Deezer Family

Deezer have launched Deezer Family so that up to 6 people can enjoy streaming music separately at a fraction of the cost.

With just one account you can have up to 6 separate profiles on Deezer for only $14.99 a month. Get Premium+ for the whole family and build up your own personal music collections with unlimited streaming and recommendations.

With Deezer Family up to 6 people can listen to different music at the same time, so if your dad’s streaming some oldies or if your kids are infuriatingly addicted to Lil Yachty you can stream your own music without interrupting their stream.

Each profile has their own personal Flow as well. Deezer Flow is an unlimited stream of music that is tailored to your personal tastes based on your listening history and likes. Perfect for discovering new music or when you don’t know what to put on but want a playlist of music like your favourite artists.

With Deezer Premium+ every member of the family can stream music anywhere for as long as they want without adverts. Premium+ also allows you to download tracks for offline play so you’re never without your library.

Deezer Family comes with the option to create kids profiles full of nursery rhymes and songs from cartoons for the little ones and a selection of pop for the older children. With kids profiles you can ensure your children are able to listen to music to their hearts content without the risk of explicit lyrics of mature themes.

Deezer Family also comes with a very special playlists – Family Mix. With Family Mix you can create a stream of all your tastes together for the family parties or when you’re forced to play the yearly game of Monopoly together.

Sign up to Deezer Family for $14.99 here.

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    Good day, we love your family package.

    I as the Master Administrator used my email address & password for the family membership and noticed that every family member requires to sign in with this detail and then select their profile.

    This is great except that they can also then switch to the Master Account profile and change settings etc which is not secure.

    Is there another way around this?

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