SoundCloud are bringing their First On promotional campaign to Europe to bring the best independent and rising artists to the forefront.

In March SoundCloud revealed their new campaign to promote “groundbreaking artists” on their massive music platform, First On SoundCloud, selected from their giant community of independent artists. Any artist could tag #SCFIRST to take part and SoundCloud chose 10 US artists to “celebrate the inspiring stories and raw energy of creators whose careers who began on the platform”.

SoundCloud are taking First On SoundCloud to Europe so that European artists can get involved in the tag and have their chance to be chosen by SoundCloud to promote across their playlists, social media, newsletters, and blog. The lucky few who are chosen to highlight will also get “fast track consideration” for monetisation in SoundCloud Premier and even potential partnership opportunities.

As with the US campaign artists just need to tag their original music with #SCFIRST to be seen and gain the potential to be picked up by SoundCloud. Tweeting the music with the #SCFIRST tag will increase the likelihood that SoundCloud see the track. If they like what an artist has got then they might be added to their First On SoundCloud playlist which shows on SoundCloud’s homepage.

These promotional opportunities are a big deal for artists on such a massive platform that has been built by it’s community of independent creators. SoundCloud offering those up-and-coming artists a chance to spread their music around the world is a big deal and a great opportunity for artists.

Regarding the expansion of their First On SoundCloud campaign to Europe, SoundCloud said: “All of us at SoundCloud are excited to continue to support emerging artists on their creative journey!” Get uploading and tagging now for your chance to get your music promoted across SoundCloud’s giant global community.