Get even more stats on your SoundCloud music with Pulse updates

SoundCloud have added a bunch of new ways to see who’s listening to your music on their SoundCloud Pulse app.

SoundCloud Pulse, the app made just for SoundCloud creators to track performance and statistics, has received some tasty new additions. With these extra features you will be able to look even more in-depth than ever before at how you’re performing on SoundCloud with the app.

Extra insights available to creators on SoundCloud include Top Listeners, which shows them more information about on their top fans and their engagement. Additionally geographical insights allow you to see how well your music is performing in certain areas, with the addition of Top Countries and Top Cities.

With SoundCloud Pulse every user is able to see their top listeners, country and city on SoundCloud. SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited subscribers will also be able to access a top 50 statistic list. Existing features include the latest stats on track performance, the ability to comment back to fans, edit tracks, and manage your profile directly in app.

SoundCloud Pulse is a powerful tool for engaging with your audience and understanding performance. With insights like these into your music it can make a massive difference in how you approach your marketing and more, enhancing your likeliness to get heard.

Singer/songwriter Valerie June used SoundCloud Pulse to discover her top listener and you can see her reaction below:

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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