Free alternative to Linkfire – create fan links and pre-saves for free with

Linkfire offer smart links for your music campaigns, but pricing can get very expensive for some of the most basic features offer for free.

Smart links (or fan links) collate all of the stores and streaming services your music lives on in to one simple landing page.

Linkfire offer basic smart links with their Starter accounts for $10/month, however simple features such as re-ordering services are only available with a Pro account for $25/month. If it’s pre-saves you’re after for Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer these are only available with a business account, which start at $50/month! Create fan links with full customization (re-order your links), create pre-saves and much more for free with

Linkfire Pricing
Starter $10/month:
  • Unlimited smart links
  • Basic domain management
  • Standard insights
  • Streaming insights
  • Single user license
  • Learning center
Pro $25/month:
  • All features included in Starter, plus:
  • Service order customization
  • Custom domain management
  • Email support Pricing
Basic Plan £0.00/month:
  • 30 Fan Link Campaigns
  • 1 Pre-save Campaign
  • 10 Content Unlocks with 1GB storage
Premium Plan £4.99/month:
  • Unlimited Fan Link Campaigns
  • Unlimited Pre-save Campaigns
  • Unlimited Content Unlocks with 50GB storage
  • In-depth statistics & analysis

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