Facebook’s new app for making music with others has launched

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Better late than never; Facebook have officially launched their app that allows creators to collaborate from afar and create music.

Earlier this year Facebook began experimenting with a new app for collaboration. In a year when we’ve all been separated more than ever, it had great potential and now after months of limited access Collab is here for all to use.

Collab merges two of 2020’s most prescient themes: the need to connect from afar and the love of short form media that can be seen in TikTok and Instagram’s Reels. The app then combines these with the joys of making music for a creative and collaborative experience.

The app was built by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation – an experimental tech and software team.

How it works

Press record

Collab works with short recordings that creators make to share with others. Recordings are 15 seconds long and then up to two others add their own 15 second recordings on top to create a short musical loop.

Once you’ve created a new Collab or your own recording to get started with you can press publish to share it with the world.


When you open up the app you’ll be able to browse through a huge feed of the Collab videos people have uploaded. Listen to them to find one you like and you can record your own video on top and post it into the main feed.

If you really like a certain creator’s uploads you can favourite them to follow their recordings and add to any you want when they go live.

Get creative

You can record and add any sort of instrument you like so there is endless possibility with the creations you can make. Keep it traditional with a guitar and keyboard, add some vocals to others’ instruments, take it electronic; the choice is yours.

Discover new music

With so many creators and unique combinations on Collab it’s an inspiring place to discover new music and musicians in a totally new way.

Indie pop artist morgxn, who Billie Eilish has described as an inspiration, released his new song ‘Wonder’ on Collab earlier in the year, as a response to being dropped by his label. Morgxn decided he wanted to connect with his fans in a totally new way by allowing them to get involved with his music.

He said: “If anything came from this year where everything kind of fell apart, I also was really inspired to find new ways to do everything,” morgxn says. “If you leap, you might find something incredibly exciting, new and fresh. That’s how I ended up on Collab, and I’m excited.”

Collab is now available to download for free on the App Store for iOS.

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