Facebook have integrated Spotify into their Messenger app so you can share all your favourite music directly with friends and family.

The new feature allows users to share tracks, albums and playlists from the massively popular music streaming service Spotify straight into their chat box on Facebook’s Messenger. The feature is universal and not exclusive to Premium members.

To share music from Spotify to Messenger users need to find the Spotify logo on the Messenger app. The Spotify logo will appear near the bottom alongside all their other partnered, integrated apps. Once you click the logo you just need to search for the track, album, artist or playlist you’re after and select them. You’ll be taken to a “Send To” screen where you choose who you want to send the music to and then press send.

Unfortunately the integration doesn’t go so far as to let you play the music within the app but when you receive a Spotify link you can click on it to go directly to the Spotify app and begin listening. The feature is available on Spotify’s Android and iOS app.

If you update both your Messenger and Spotify apps you can start sharing music from Spotify to your Facebook friends right now.