Image credit: Facebook

Facebook offers streamers using its platform 100% subscription fee revenue to lure streamers and viewers away from Twitch.

Facebook has long been looking to take on Twitch and lure its streamers over to their platform, and their latest announcement may just do that. Facebook is now offering full subscription profits for streamers for the next two years.

Speaking about the announcement Facebook Gaming Partnership, Josh Maresca said: “We’re doubling down on creators,” he wrote. “Facebook has waived all revshare from subscriptions until 2023! Yeah, you read that correctly. You’ll continue to receive 100% of your subscriptions when purchased on desktop.”

Twitch offers a default 50% but does tend to negotiate with larger streamers, it’s also solidified as the go-to platform for streaming, particularly gaming. Although, Facebook isn’t as popular it does offer creatives more revenue and allows for partners to play licensed music during streams, which stops a lot of streamers from getting copyright claims.

However, there are some are eligibility requirements a creator will need to fulfill before they are applicable for the deal and subscribe button on the page. Such as 10,000-page followers or 250+ “return viewers” and either 50,000 post engagements or 180,000 watch minutes in the prior 60 days. Alternatively, streamers can also apply to become a Facebook Gaming partner to get a sub button, this too comes with its own set of eligibility requirements. It’s also worth noting that Maresca specifically noted that this offer only applies when subscriptions are purchased via a desktop and 80% of Facebook’s users are on mobile.

Either way, it’s a bold move by Facebook and is likely to pull viewers and streamers away from Twitch. However, will it be enough to topple Twitch, that remains to be seen, but it may take more to do so.