Facebook adds music to Stories in Estonia, Reels in Austria and Lithuania

Facebook are expanding where users can add music to their content and are bringing Instagram’s new Reels to two new countries.

Facebook and Instagram users in Estonia can now add music to their content. Making use of their huge music catalogue, including lots of music uploaded by RouteNote users, Facebook and Instagram users in Estonia can now add tunes to their Stories as well as Lyrics on Instagram and more.

Elsewhere in Austria and Lithuania, they have launched their new short form video feature for Instagram, Reels. The new short video format built into Instagram provides their answer to TikTok with highly shareable videos of everything from dances and memes to cute animals and short motivational speeches.

Reels creators in Austria and Lithuania will also be able to use music from Facebook’s catalogue to soundtrack their Reels. Their catalogue includes music from the latest big singles to old classics, to indie and underground gems.

To get your music featured on Instagram and Facebook, create a FREE account at www.routenote.com and select Facebook on your new release.
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