eMusic launch totally redesigned music hub for music fans who “value ownership”

Digital music OG’s eMusic are back with a unique new music service that lets you choose exactly how you want to listen, ranging from free to $29.99 a month.

eMusic have returned with a brand new music platform that offers a bunch of different services so music fans can choose the perfect offering for them. Their new music service and it’s choice of tiers has been built around music ownership offering up discounted music downloads, free tracks and access to your library anywhere through the cloud.

The service will be available to users on any device thanks to its Cloud storage and will feature a massive library of 32 million tracks all exclusively from independent labels. eMusic’s library comes from independent distributors including RouteNote to bring the best music from outside the top 20 charts to you anywhere across the world.

eMusic was purchased by cloud-based company TriPlay in October 2015. TriPlay CEO, Tamir Koch said: “The all-new eMusic appeals to passionate, knowledgeable music fans who are driven by discovery and take great pride in their music collections. eMusic members have spent countless hours growing and curating their private music libraries and see value in the power of their personal cloud through eMusic.”

Free users of the new eMusic service will be offered a free music download from up-and-coming artists each day which they can add into their unlimited cloud storage where they can store and access their music collection, as well as photos, audiobooks and video. The paid tiers begin at $3.99 a month which offers unlimited access to songs available for purchase at 55% of their retail prices. eMusic’s paid subscriptions peak at $29.99 per month which they describe as “for the music connoisseur”.

Old eMusic users need not worry as they’ve built-in a migration system that should ease the transition from the old service to the new, taking your “My Music” library with it. eMusic are planning to bring HD & Hi-Res audio, advanced classical music search, and connections to Smart TVs, Smart Watches & Smart Home devices to their service soon.

Sign up for free or paid here: www.emusic.com

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