Electronic music is massive in China, and NetEase Cloud Music are dominating as it grows

A new report shows that electronic and dance music in China is exploding in popularity with almost 100 million more listeners than last year.

Electronic music is seeing a massive surge in popularity in China where it has grown 45.2% in the last year. A report from Chinese research firm iiMedia Research shows that electronic music listeners online in China have grown from 197 million in 2016 to a whopping 286 million this year. They predict that this number will be up to 358 million in 2018 and over 400 million within another year.

The rising popularity of electronic and dance music in China is evidenced in online streams. Last year electronic music saw a total of 163.05 billion streams across China whilst this year, iiMedia Research expect growth of 38.7% reaching 226.08 billion streams for the genre.

Digital music is seeing massive growth every year around the world but in China it’s not the usual players you’d expect to see dominating the scene. Instead of Spotify leading the way, in China Netease Cloud Music are the company at the top of the table with a target group index (TGI) of 122.2 which is a lot higher than the industry average. NetEase have reported an incredible increase in electronic/dance music streams which rose by 434% in the last year. That was aided by a 147% boost in NetEase listeners that are coming to the genre. This growth has made electronic music the second most popular genre on NetEase now.

NetEase Cloud Music’s vice-president, Mathew Daniel said: “Along with the increasing popularity of electronic artists and DJs in China via NetEase Cloud Music and its social platform, we are also, interestingly, noticing international music over-indexing as a whole on our music service. This is certainly welcome news to international labels and artists who can now work closely with us.”

Both Electronic music and NetEase show no signs of slowing in China as the genre gains more fans every day whilst NetEase continues amazing growth with over 300 million users (for reference that is likely over double all of Spotify’s users, free & paid).

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