Deezer’s new Analytics app takes podcaster’s deep insider their performance

Deezer have launched a fresh new app that gives podcast creators deep insights into how each of their episodes performs, who’s listening, and more!

Deezer have just launched Analytics, a brand new app that offers podcast creators mobile insights for the first time. With the blossoming world of podcasts available on Deezer, this app gives creators access to their audiences from within their pockets.

It breaks down the performance of podcasts into two primary sections so that creators can watch their podcasts grow and see who’s listening to it and when.

Analytics: This is a breakdown of how many streams, unique listeners, fans and shares podcasts are getting. Neatly displayed in highlight overviews, easy to read graphs, and more it provides a deep but simple to digest insight into podcast performance

Audience: This is where things get a little more personal with the people who are tuning in to podcasts. It shows the age and gender of fans and how they’re listening to help creators understand exactly who their audience is.

Deezer’s Head of Content, Frédéric Antelme says: “As the world’s love of podcasts continues to grow, we want to share insightful data to help creators and producers gain vital knowledge of their shows. Podcasters can better get to know their audience and refine their advertising plans.

“We’re excited to launch ‘Analytics by Deezer’ and be the only streaming service to offer podcast insights on a mobile app.”

You can download Analytics by Deezer and track your podcast performance now on iOS and Android. If you’re an artist looking to get the most out of having your music on Deezer then check out Deezer Backstage.

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