Deezer’s CEO wants to make their mark in 2019

Deezer have held their own whilst rivals like Spotify and Apple Music dominate music streaming and after their best year yet they’re on track to carve their niche this year.

French music streaming service Deezer has successfully managed to carve out success, battling against streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music. They didn’t launch in the US until 2016 but have still managed to gain a dedicated user-base and continue expanding around the world despite being, as CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht self-describes them, a “small fish in the big pond”.

In a recent interview with Music Ally, Albrecht goes into detail with how they plan to continue their success in 2019 and set themselves apart from their larger rivals. A large part of this, Albrecht says, will come a focused dedication to the music of each area they’re operating in to appeal to their listeners individually rather than opting for a mass appeal approach like some streaming services.

After their launch in the Middle East and North Africa in October last year Albrecht discusses how they’re going to cater their service to these markets. He told Music Ally: “You have to approach these kinds of markets and regions with a certain degree of humbleness. Egypt is very different taste-wise to Saudi Arabia, which is completely different again to the Lebanon for example. You need to do this country by country, be very local, and try to adapt to local needs.”

Speaking on how they plan to stamp their footprint on the world whilst going against much bigger services for listeners, Albrecht says: “We have a global footprint operating in 180 countries. Equally, we know we are the small fish in the big pond. We are the smallest of the biggest, let’s put it that way. So we know we have to be focused in what we are doing.”

He speaks on their potential mentioning that streaming subscriptions in their home country France still penetrates less than 10%, saying: “In Brazil, it is only 2% or 3% penetration! In Germany, it’s not touching 10%. If you got to MENA, it’s close to zero. Latin America is still very small. There is still a lot to grow in that respect, and we have always said it’s not a one player, winner-takes-it-all market.”

Deezer ended the year with 7 million subscribers last month, half of their 14 million total monthly active users thanks to a free offering similar to Spotify. It’s quite a way off of Spotify’s 180+ million monthly users but Deezer hope that they can offer something unique which will appeal to a dedicated userbase they can rely on.

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