Deezer now supports FLAC with new desktop app

This ain’t a rap – but Deezer’s desktop app – now lets you play FLAC – what do you think about that?

Deezer have officially become the second major music streaming service to offer high quality FLAC streams. They have just launched their desktop app so you can listen out of browser and it streams high-definition lossless audio – audiophiles rejoice!

Deezer’s new desktop app comes to Mac and Windows meaning you can stream music without a browser from Deezer at last (come on now Google Play). For Premium+ users they will be able to stream lossless 16-bit FLAC audio files for enhanced, high-definition quality.

The app has launched in Beta mode but is available for all users to start streaming from. The app will also introduce exclusive video content including interviews and performances from global artists all around the world.

Deezer’s chief content and product officer, Alexander Holland said: “Deezer’s desktop users will now have a new home to play their Flow, discover unknown artists and watch exclusive video content – all within a newly designed, one download app. Furthermore, we are excited to offer hi-fi audio to users who want to further enhance the quality of their overall listening experience.”

Deezer say that Premium+ users will be able to stream their music in high-definition through the app until December 31st when assumably the beta ends. Deezer don’t confirm whether FLAC streams will be entirely discontinued after that date or what will happen but hopefully it’s just the end of their Beta period before integrating Hi-Fi fully.

Deezer say that users in France, Germany, Brazil, Latin America, and the UK will also be receiving exclusive content localised for them.

Download the new Deezer app for free here:

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