Good news for all you RouteNote artists out there: today we go live with music distribution to three new music stores – Deezer, Napster and Thumbplay Mobile.

deezer-logoDeezer is a French business, but has agreements with all 4 major labels to stream ad-supported music to their 9 million registered users across 35 different countries. In the three years since its launch, Deezer has been voted the most innovative website of 2007 by readers of 01Net, ahead of both Facebook and Dailymotion. Deezer also won the 2008 Red Herring award, for Europe’s most innovative web companies, among various other awards. The proof of their success is really in the number of people listening to music through their service, which keeps on growing. In addition to their music streaming service, Deezer also offers:

– Access to radio channels: Hip Hop, Rock, Electro, Jazz, Live, French Scene, Disco etc.
– Surfing intelligent online radio
– Information about artists, albums, tracks, introducing subscribers to new music
– Sharing playlists, chat and musical tastes with friends via the community of ‘Deezernautes’
– Watch videos

Napster logoNapster was the first cat among the digital pigeons with it’s peer to peer service, but they’ve come a long way since their rebellious beginnings, and now their subscription service offers both unlimited streaming and a number of DRM free downloads per month, available online and on smartphones in Europe and the USA.

thumbplay logo Thumbplay is the largest mobile content provider in the U.S. Operating both web based and mobile services, including licensed music, video and games. They have deals with all the majors, and several independent labels and artists, and now you can get access to their services through RouteNote. Hundreds of millions of cellphones in the US are waiting to download your music.

To get your music live with these music stores and all our other online music partners, sign up for our music distribution service, and get our new music upload tool. You can have your tracks online in minutes, and earning you money in a matter of weeks.