Deezer Introduce ‘Deezer Family’ With New Features for up to 6 Users

“Your family won’t believe their ears”

Deezer has joined other music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music in offering a cheaper subscription alternative for multiple users.

Deezer’s new family plan will allow up to 6 users to access a Deezer Premium+ service on the same account for $16 a month. The service called ‘Deezer Family’ is currently only available in France however Deezer say then plan to roll the service out to other markets “in the coming months”.

With Deezer’s family plan every user on the plan will have access to their own personal profile so that each user can still make use of the service’s recommendations and save their music.

Deezer’s new family plan also comes with original content designed to cater to family audiences. The main new feature being ‘Deezer Kids’ which introduces a simpler interface to allow younger users to access musical rhymes, lullabies, cartoon songs and audiobooks.

Deezer Family Kids

“Deezer Kids, just for the little ones.”

Content will be available from Disney and Pixar, Henri Des, Aldebert, Vincent Malone, Little Brown Bear and other children’s favourites – at the moment the content is focussed towards French children’s content and we can expect to see localised content when Deezer Kids is introduced elsewhere.

Also new for Deezer Family are ‘Family Mixes’ which will collect the musical tastes of all family members on the account to create a ‘Family Mix’. A first for music streaming services the Family Mix will collate the “musical DNA” of the family to bring together the family through music

Deezer Family Mix

“Family Mix, a playlist of the old and young.”

The service is currently only available to Orange subscribers in France, where Deezer’s service launched out of in 2007.  On their blog post Deezer say that Deezer Family will be available for everyone in 2016.

For French users you can subscribe here:

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    Deezer is really great for sure! The availability is great world over i believe. i tried it the 1st time in Mauritius. Really cool stuff! Was great to hear our discography on it. Looks so much better than spotify! Thanks Routenote!

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