Comment on private tracks on SoundCloud now on iOS

Sometimes you want to get people’s thoughts on a track before it goes live for everyone, and SoundCloud are making that happen on iOS.

Earlier this month SoundCloud triumphantly brought comments back to mobile on their iOS and Android apps. So now you can tell people how you really feel about their music from the palm of your hand and create unique connection. The return of comments has clearly inspired the team as they’ve now added comments for private tracks on SoundCloud.

What this means is that when you upload a track but don’t want it live for everyone to see just yet, you can make it private and share it with your select collaborators or friends. Now they’ll be able to leave comments and tell you what they think before it’s ready for the world, all from their smartphone.

SoundCloud say:

Ever wish you could go back in time? Today we bring you commenting on private tracks so you don’t have to feel those feels. Receive feedback before you release your work into the world. Start collaborating now.

Now it is easier than ever to give and receive feedback on your work before you publish your tracks, whether you’re at home or on the move. Beginning today, you can read and write comments on private tracks on SoundCloud’s mobile experience, making it easier than ever to connect and get feedback on the go.

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