Chinese streamers NetEase Cloud Music reveal whopping 400 million users

Music streaming is booming in China as it spreads worldwide with native streamer NetEase revealing an incredible amount of people listening through them.

Chinese music service NetEase Cloud Music have revealed just how well they’re doing, announcing that they now have 400 million users. The incredible amount of listeners on NetEase Cloud Music is a result of 44% year-on-year growth of monthly active users.

NetEase’s vice president, Mathew Daniel said: “Consumption of international music on our music service comprises more than 30% of all usage – over – indexing compared to other music services in China, with increased listening in electronic/dance music, hip-hop, soundtracks and rock genres being significant.”

The company claims that it is the most western-oriented streaming service in China due to the popularity of western music on the service. They say that the majority of their users fit between the 15 and 35 years old demographic which signifies a larger diversity in the listening habits of China’s younger generations.

One of NetEase’s primary competitors are rival Chinese streamers Tencent. Their music boss Andy Ng said earlier this year that they 600 million active users every month, however 80% of their listeners only listen to Chinese music. With only 20% of users listening to western music is highly unlikely it beats NetEase’s 30% of all streams coming from the west.

They may not be the biggest, but having a niche puts NetEase in a great place and opens up potential to expand farther West. NetEase have also been teaming up with South Korean company KKBox for playlists, tours, videos, and original music.

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