A cartoonist has written the entire iTunes Terms and Conditions into a beautifully designed graphic novel.

Robert Sikoryak is an illustrator who can completely emulate the styles of comic book cartoons and has become famed for his reinterpretations of classic literature into comics. His most popular work is ‘Inferno Joe’, a reworking of Dante’s Inferno in the style of Bazooka Joe comics by Wesley Morse.

Sikoryak’s latest effort has been putting the entire Terms and Conditions to Apple’s iTunes into comic book form. It has been a long running joke that no one reads the terms and conditions, a long, uninteresting and mostly pointless user agreement, so in an attempt to change it’s perception Sikoryak has been creating cartoon illustrations that use the terms and conditions as dialogue, word for word.

Robert Sikoryak iTunes Terms and Conditions Graphic Novel
Inspirations left to right: John Stanley and Irving Tripp, Osamu Tezuka, Frank Miller

On a Tumblr page titled ‘ITUNES TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The Graphic Novel‘ Sikoryak has been adding another page every day. Each day the page is drawn in another unique style, drawing inspiration from a wide variety of cartoonists from Hank Ketcham – Dennis the Menace illustrator, Hergé – The Adventures of Tintin creator and many others.

As each page brings a new drawing style Sikoryak recreates Apple Founder Steve Jobs in that style as he wanders through alternate scenarios, spouting his terms and conditions at any cartoon character who will listen. Though it may not make much sense and it doesn’t alter the still reprehensibly boring terms and conditions it is gorgeous to look at.

Robert Sikoryak iTunes Terms and Conditions Graphic Novel
Inspirations left to right: Bill Finger and Wayne Boring, Simon Furman and Andrew Wildeman, Allie Brosh

Sikoryak is so far 49 pages into the planned 94 pages for the final copy and you can read everything so far and stay up to date with the daily updates over at his Tumblr. The emulated artist is labelled at the bottom of each post.