Can you get Amazon Music without Prime?

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Do you need Amazon Prime for Amazon Music? Here’s how to sign up without needing two accounts.

Can you get Amazon Music without Prime? Yes! You can sign up to an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription for $9.99 a month, as opposed to $7.99 a month if you’re a Prime user.

There’s several tiers of music streaming services available from Amazon, and picking between them can be frustrating when you just want to be able to stream music without inadvertently signing up to other services you might not ever use.

Luckily you don’t have to get Amazon Prime if you don’t want to. Amazon’s premium music streaming service, Amazon Music Unlimited, has an option to sign up without needing a Prime account. It’s got 75 million songs, and you can listen in HD and 360 degree spatial audio for no extra charge. Check it out here.

Another option is Amazon Music, the company’s free music streaming service. It’s free to use without a Prime account, and you don’t have to give any credit card details. The flipside is there are ads, the music catalogue is smaller, and you can only stream music in playlists and listen to radio-like stations.

It’s worth pointing out the existence of Amazon Music Prime, which is a streaming service available with a Prime subscription – it’s the slimmed down version of Amazon Music Unlimited, with the same features like limitless track skipping and offline listening, but fewer songs available in the catalogue. Amazon Music Prime gives you two million tracks.

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