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The Resso app is going premium-only. What does that mean for Resso free users, and how much does Resso premium cost now?

TikTok and Resso owner ByteDance has announced from tomorrow, May 11, the free Resso subscription tier will be shut down. The existing premium offering will be the only Resso plan available.

Nothing will change for Resso premium subscribers. Users in Brazil, Indonesia, and India, where the streaming app is currently available, will receive an upgrade alert and all their songs and playlists will be carried over to the new app version.

Why is Resso changing to a premium service?

ByteDance only stated that the change had been made to “provide all music lovers with the best possible music experience.”

Global head of music, Ole Obermann, said: “Resso’s move to a premium-only service will allow the development of a better user experience for music fans, while increasing opportunities for rightsholders and artists.”

“We are committed to building the world’s leading social music streaming platform and ensuring artists and music creators can rightly benefit from its growing success.”

So far, so vague. But the Resso app has seen low numbers of users switching from free to paid subscription. Music executives had complained of the difficulty of generating revenue through freemium Resso, with Sony Music Group pulling its library from the app.

Presumably, ByteDance decided the time had come to switch strategy and shift focus towards pushing users straight to the premium offering.

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What will happen to Resso free accounts now?

Without Resso premium, users won’t be able to download songs, skip tracks, or listen to unlimited music. You can however still use social features like messages with Resso free, as social sharing is a big part of ByteDance’s strategy for the app.

From May 11, existing free users will be signed up for a free 30-day Resso premium trial to try out the full service. From the following month, you’ll have to pay for Resso.

To delete your Resso account and avoid paying for premium, go to the Me tab and click Settings > Account Management > Delete Account.

How much is Resso Premium?

In Indonesia Resso premium costs Rp49,000 a month, R$16.90 in Brazil, and in India the price of premium is 119 rupees on iOS and 99 rupees on Android.

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