We’ve gathered the top 10 most-followed R&B, funk, soul, funk carioca, alternative R&B and urban contemporary playlists on Spotify.

This list is based on Chartmetric’s genre tags for each of Spotify’s playlists.

1. Top Brasil

Genres: Funk Carioca

5.8 million likes

2. Are & Be

Genres: R&B, Alternative R&B, R&B/Soul

5.6 million likes

3. Funk Hits

Genres: Funk Carioca

4.2 million likes

4. I Love My ’00s R&B

Genres: R&B, Urban Contemporary, R&B/Soul

3.6 million likes

5. Feelin’ Good

Genres: Soul, Funk, R&B/Soul

3.1 million likes

6. Chill Tracks

Genres: Vapor Soul

3.0 million likes

7. 90s Love Songs

Genres: Urban Contemporary, R&B/Soul

2.9 million likes

8. Top 50 – Brazil

Genres: Funk Carioca

2.7 million likes

9. I Love My ’90s R&B

Genres: R&B, Urban Contemporary

2.6 million likes

10. Most Necessary

Genres: R&B/Soul

2.5 million likes