Play 2 different SoundCloud songs at the same time with SplitCloud

SplitCloud is a new app that makes it possible for the first time to listen to 2 songs on SoundCloud simultaneously.

SplitCloud is “the only music player” for SoundCloud that integrates split-playing. With SplitCloud you can play 2 tracks from SoundCloud to each side of your earphones. Now when you’re listening with a friend you don’t have to come to an agreement, you can both listen to what you want.

Each playlist can be sorted individually, even the volume can be adjusted for tracks on their own rather than adjusting both earphones. SplitCloud also features offline listening so on those long journeys when you don’t want to use up your data you can save your picks. If you don’t need to share your headphones SplitCloud can still be used as a well built player for SoundCloud.

With the SplitCloud app you can:

  • Search for any song or user profile from SoundCloud
  • Independent playlists on both sides to manage your favourite tracks for each player
  • Single player mode to use SplitCloud as a regular music player
  • Offline Mode to keep listening to your music on the tube or on a flight
  • Independent adjustable volumes for each player
  • Invert audio channels to invert the R/L channel output when using split mode
  • Explore Top and Hot & New Charts filtering by country and genre and discover new music

SoundCloud is currently only available on iOS devices. You can download it from the Apple App Store here:

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